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Monitoring Gang Activity

Gang activity is on the rise across the country. Whether it is drug related, stolen or damaged property, or violent crime; these activities are an increasingly high priority in the day to day operations of law enforcement personnel. These crimes challenge both police and correctional officers on a daily basis.

Our Sentinel Visualizer software allows law enforcement officers to organize data on individuals in one centralized knowledgebase. Suspects and related people can be linked into groups and clusters to help identify possible gang members and associates. With incremental, hierarchical and other views, the overall structure of a gang, as well as a suspect's status within the group, is quickly revealed.

Sentinel Visualizer provides a platform for local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies to share, analyze, and visualize important pieces of information that can make or break a case. Sentinel Visualizer lets you turn your case work into a sophisticated report and presentation to convey key, complex information to prosecutors, judges, or juries.

Advanced Link Analysis Features

  • A variety of layouts make it easy to quickly organize networks into several configurations, including hierarchical and incremental
  • Integrated Geospatial/GIS (Google Earth) mapping capabilities
  • Time Range interface that hides or shows data based on a time slider control
  • Numerous reporting and exporting options: print diagrams and customized reports, or export them in image, PDF, Word, Excel.

Gang Activity Detection and Prevention

  • Track criminal activities such as illegal drugs, extortion, human trafficking, fencing, gambling, racketeering, theft, etc. with the people involved, locations, times, and other relevant information
  • Quickly visualize the depth and structure of the gang in question and determine where suspects fall within that structure
  • Identify patterns geographically by neighborhood, county, state, region, etc.
  • Visualize how networks form, change, and interact with each other
  • Identify spikes in activity in particular neighborhoods and how they correlate to any associated events
  • Share knowledge externally with easy to customize reports in a variety of formats

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